Just some thoughts as the year closes out, and a new one begins:

   Over this past year, our primary goal was to find a new path. We decided to leave the band behind, and focus on our writing and recording as a duo, as we started out. We did collaborate with a number of musicians and producers over the past year, but none of the collaborations resulted in anything other than an aborted album project, and a handful of shows we had agreed to do. The reasons the situations we explored this year didn't bear any fruit wasn't because of who we were working with, as each person we worked with were all musicians and producers whom we greatly admire and enjoyed working with. It was simply never the right arrangement, from our point of view. We weren't finding the path we were looking for.

    We aren't here to be part of any scene or to belong to some group, and we never were. We don't care about that. We're here to write songs, end of. People either love us or they love to hate us, and that's alright. We live in a strange time, and our only hope is that when you switch on one of our songs, it pauses the world around you and takes you somewhere else. We hope it's a good place, wherever that is.

   In our next blog post, we will talk about what's next for us. This past year has taught us that the thing we need the most is a producer/collaborator who can push us to the edge of our ability, who has fresh ears that can point us in directions we might not take on our own. We have been looking for a musical partner who can help us find the sound we've been chasing since the first time we picked up a guitar. and a microphone. Somebody who is better than us, who knows more about music than we do, who has lived it, who we can learn from. Stay tuned.

All the love,




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