Chasing the Light.

We are happy to announce our partnership with Boom Camp Records. We are currently recording our debut LP with producer Bennie Sims, who lends a lifetime of musical and production experience to the recording process. The recordings we are creating are built on a combination of songwriting, the chemistry between songwriter and producer, but also a mutual friendship that has allowed the process to be open and relaxed. We will focus much of 2019 on the making of this new record, so we won't be performing live on a regular basis. Once the album is complete, we will pitch it to some larger record labels, media outlets, and look for opportunities for the songs to be heard out in the world. Look for a new single this Summer. We plan on releasing a number of singles from this new record. For now, we will continue to take our time on our quest to create the best piece of music we can possibly create. 

Until next time, keep chasing the light. 

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